life insurance

Life Insurance

Taking a mortgage will probably be the largest financial commitment you will make, which is why it’s important to make sure you have the life insurance protection in place in the event of the unforeseen. Thinking about what would happen if the main breadwinner died or suffered a critical illness isn’t something any of us want to contemplate. However, time taken to put sufficient protection in place when you arrange your mortgage means that you and your family will have peace of mind, just in case.

Like our mortgage advice service, we’ve won a multitude of prestigious awards for our life insurance advice and our service is completely fee free. We’ll look at your personal circumstances and requirements and recommend the most suitable cover for you and your family at a budget to suit you. As we deal with the UK’s leading insurance companies, we’ll find you competitive premiums on a range of policies including life insurance, critical illness insurance and income protection.

As well as recommending the best policies to suit you we’ll also help with all the paperwork to make sure your cover is in place when your mortgage completes.

in addition, those who over the age of 50 but not quite yet 75 often find that a self-invested pension is a great way to draw out their pension without locking themselves into a fund that has an annuity attached to it. This is because a SIPP can be used when someone is moving slowly towards ‘income drawdown’ and is a great way to draw income throughout retirement since there are not as many restrictions, fees, or regulations placed on the scheme.

Once again, the freedoms that come with (Self Invested Pension (SIPP) – Best Pension Plans). SIPPs are hard to beat when you compare them with other types of pension plans. With this in mind, those that that want to transfer funds from other pensions, control their own investment opportunities, slowly enter into a retirement drawdown, or invest large amounts of money into their pension schemes will likely find the best pension plans for them are SIPPs.

The simple truth is that it is hard to beat the flexibility that comes with a self-invested pension, and the reward for your due diligence will be a comfortable retirement sum later in life making your hard work worth it.

Even if you’re not currently looking for a mortgage, we’re still happy to provide fee free life insurance advice.

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