impartial mortgage advice

Why go direct, when you could get impartial, independent mortgage advice

Mortgage lenders are in it for the profit; don’t let anyone else tell you differently where Impartial Mortgage Advice need to be exist.

And, who can blame them?  They are businesses that, in the vast majority of cases, are responsible to shareholders who demand profit .

Impartial Mortgage Advice

There is nothing a lender will like more than drawing you in on an attractive looking rate and then leave you languishing on a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) when that attractive deal turns a little ugly.

Most will never tell you that your preferential rate has gone and even if you do tell them your needs, they have a history of not exactly offering the best remortgage deals to you as an existing customer.

At PreMortgage, we chomp at the proverbial bit to tell you when it’s time to remortgage and make sure you stay competitive.  That’s what independent mortgage and remortgage advice is all about.

We have a fully functional customer contact programme that keeps you completely up to date with the market and a specific programme for customers that tells you when it’s time to call us and we are committed to making sure all our clients have the very best mortgage for them.  But what about the fee I hear you cry, a lender will not charge me this.  This is true, but we believe we are worth it for so many reasons.

Call an adviser to find out why and, of course, you never pay it all until the mortgage has completed.